It has come to my attention that Maryland Bureau Chief Sam Basile’s favorite NFL team, the Stillers, is playing the team I followed as a youth, the Cowboys. While I have, by in large, lost interest in the Cowboys and NFL, I can still get fired up on occasion and bragging rights is certainly a good reason.

However, sometimes bragging rights are not enough, so, I propose a wager to Mr. Basile, but not with money. It is certainly understood that the universal currency of RESPECT and ADMIRATION and/or HUMILIATION* is at stake here and I propose to add more to the humiliation of the loser.

My proposal: the loser shall wear a Cowboys jersey to Poli-Tiki/Pennsylvania Pour House on Capital Hill in the presence of the winner. The photo shall be posted on WWN for all to see. The loser shall also have to consume an entire draft Iron City (not IC Light) beer at said establishment. Also, Sam suggests that should the Stillers win, I sing Myron Cope XMAS songs, since he has to suffer the personal humiliation of wearing a Cowboys jersey, in addition to the public humiliation. There will also be a concession speech by telephone immediately following the game. It works for me.

* Thanks Brenda


Barry to block building pactsThe Wash. Times

Future council member Marion Barry is determined to prevent a D.C. ballpark. Attention, IRS/FBI/DEA — now would be a good time take a look at Mr. Barry’s finances and business associates again. Hopefully, this is all self-promotion and not a serious threat.


Officially, Expos Up, Running In DistrictThe Post

Though it is only a hotel room so far, this is great news, Marion Barry notwithstanding. Now, all they have to do is get ownership, a new name, a GM and some staff. When can I buy tickets?


Red zone offense a problem for Penn StateCDT

Is anybody surprised that Penn State is the worst in the Big11Ten in the red zone?

For Mills, Sundays are ‘pretty bad’Patriot-News

You know, I was just thinking that for us, Saturdays are pretty bad. Okay, that is not too fair, is it? Maybe? Anyhow, this article reminds us how tough Zack Mills is and how well he played given the beating he took vs. Purdue.


Coming back, togetherThe Collegian

A season preview for the #2 Penn State ice hockey club team. They actually did not win the title last season for the first time in a long time.


Cheeseburgers in paradiseThe Collegian

A place on W. College Ave. makes cheeseburgers by steaming them. Sounds odd, but I would give them a try.

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