First Glimpse Into the Expos’ ScheduleThe Post

By piecing together other NL teams home schedules, some of the D.C. schedule becomes clear. No word on when the schedule will formally be released.

More than 10 groups interested in ExposThe Wash. Times

There are a lot of interested parties and of course, not much will occur after the World Series (which will be over much too soon for my taste). Loudoun baseball proponent Bill Collins is interested as well. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

170 Sign Up to Speak At Baseball HearingThe Post

This is expected to go on forever, with three minutes (or more) for each of the 170 speakers. I would expect it to be largely negative.

Report: Team won’t aid economyThe Wash. Times

No surprise here, the CATO institute is against a publicly funded ballpark, though they concede that “baseball brings numerous intangible and emotional benefits.” Hey, making the District a more enticing place to live and taking money from the suburbs sounds like something more than intangible to me. Mayor Williams wonders why CATO is paying attention to it with all that is going on in the world.

More blogs: Yesterday’s distinguished Senators reported that two new blogs, Ball-Wonk (great name, great logo) and Capitol Punishment are online following D.C. baseball. Both offer lots of commentary, like distinguished Senators. I am still going to be taking the quick hits, news and comment route, with the site updated before you get to work. Ball-Wonk is also convinced that D.C.’s team will be the Grays, which is fine by me. Welcome aboard new bloggers!


Paterno press conference transcript 10/26/04Post-Gazette

During the Viet Nam war, the nightly press conference became known as the Five O’clock Follies. We need a similar term for this weekly exercise. Iowa’s defense knew what plays were coming, up to 40% of the time. Oh, and Zack Mills has a concussion (explains a lot about Saturday) and probably will not play, meaning Michael Robinson is the QB. Sounds like Anthony Morelli is not getting in either, Paterno does not think he is ready. Well, gee Joe, I do not think Zack or MRob was ready either, they still got to play.

  • Mills ‘doubtful’ for Saturday with concussionCDT

  • Play-calling an issue again for Penn StateCDT

  • Walt MoodyPaterno doesn’t disclose answers to Nittany Lions’ problemsCDT

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  • Iowa player: Defense diagnosed PSU’s playsPatriot-News

  • Nick Horvath, Jr.Problems too copious for quick fixPatriot-News

  • Gene CollierPredicting Pitt-Penn State winner almost a pointless endeavorPost-Gazette

  • Penn State Notebook: Robinson will start at QBPost-Gazette

  • Wade MalcolmPaterno must leave for everyone’s sakeThe Collegian


    Spanier: It may be best to cut Dickinson tiesCDT

    Another high profile failure for Graham Spanier, along the lines of the Gesigner merger. DSL is about a third tier law school, so I am not sure how much this helps the university as a whole. Ouch.


    A Day in the Subway, as It Rolls Up a CenturyThe Times

    Today is the 100th birthday of the New York City Subway. The Times did a great section in March about the system, which, is the best one I have ever used, and I doubt Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, and San Francisco can ever compare. D.C.’s Metro is the second best I have ever used. NYC and D.C. both are much more user friendly than the other two major systems I have been on, in Boston and MontrĂ©al.

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