Watson Declines GM Position In D.The Post

Bob Watson turned down the GM job for the perfectly reasonable reason of not wanting to be an interim GM waiting for new ownership. However, Pat Gillick, most recently Seattle’s GM, is willing to take that chance.

More from The Wash. Times:Watson doesn’t want to be D.C. team’s GM

Cost Estimate on Stadium JumpsThe Post

This is not surprising and less surprising is that the mayor’s office is downplaying the report. It is more fuel to the fire for those opposed to the ballpark (which is what they should be calling it, rather than stadium; ballpark is cute, stadium is large and imposing) at today’s marathon council session.


Mills taking verbal hits off the fieldCDT

If you stay in a game with a concussion, you deserve some verbal hits. Of course, Mills with a concussion did not have turnovers on three consecutive plays, so maybe we were better off — things are that bad.

Story about Lavon ChisleyPatriot-News

Another missing headline from Patriot-News. The story is about Lavon Chisley, who played big on Saturday.

Penn State players not pointing fingersPost-Gazette

Maybe they should be pointing fingers.

Players sense discontent on campusThe Collegian

Why do you suppose that is boys (offense)/men (defense)?


Va. Joins E-ZPass Fast LaneThe Post

While it is great that our SmartTags are now valid in E-ZPass lanes (and vice versa), we will have a surcharge to pay for that transition. Oh and make sure that E-ZPass account has money in it if you are driving through NY, they will nail you with a fine if you do not have enough.


Walkways At FedEx Will Open For FansThe Post

Redskins owner, Dan Snyder had convinced PG County to close walkways (public ones, mind you) leading up to FedEx Field because of “safety concerns.” In fact, he cared so much about safety, that he forced anyone coming to Redskins games to pay either a $5 bus fare from the nearest Metro station or $25 to park in a satellite lot which required a shuttle bus.

RED SOX NOW 1 – 85

This is incredibly disappointing; one of the truths we cling to — the Red Sox will always choke — is gone. While we are disappointed, the real problem will be in New England. For them, this will be the tragedy of dreams come true. They are going to find out that this is “all there is,” as Betty Fredian might say. They will also not be able to scapegoat the Red Sox for all that is wrong in their life: cars that won’t start, relationships gone sour, career shortcomings, etc. Now they will have to face reality. The whole New England character will be sent into disarray. I tell you, this will ultimately be a bad thing for that region. Oh, and we are going to have to hear about it from all these fans who just bought their BoSox merchandise too — how annoying.

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