Vocal Crowd Turns Out to Talk BaseballThe Post

Lots of people

There was a big crowd at the District building, including incoming Ward 8 council member Marion Barry (file photo). Not too many people got to speak, but be certain the “mayor for life” got his two cents in. Overall, it sounds like it was a mixed meeting. The Wash. Times report was less positive: Baseball proposal evokes anger and Tom Knott’s column: It’s our ballclub and our burden.

D.C. Team to Open at RFK With D’backsThe Post

We already knew about the D-backs for the opener on the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut (a sign that the team will be called Grays if you believe Ball-Wonk and why not?) and the Giants in September. Anyhow, this is all tentative; they may move some dates so that there are not conflicts with Baltimore.

Tentative Schedule for D.C.’s Baseball Team

Going Batty for MementosThe Post

A look a some D.C. baseball collectors, including Charlie Brotman, the former p.a. announcer who was the M.C. at the big press conference. My collection: the Senators pennant that has appeared on this site in numerous places and a too small 1960 replica cap, which is presumably still buried somewhere at my folks house.

Tom LoverroAt last, Lucchino can come homeThe Wash Times

A plea for Red Sox executive Larry Luccino to come to Washington and build baseball like he did in Baltimore, San Diego, and Boston.


Heather DinichThe answer to Penn State’s offensive woes is on the defenseCDT

Beat writer Heather Dinich thinks defensive players need to move to offense. She has the fullback lighter than the tailback though. I think we need the defense to score more than their pathetic four points last week.

Team’s woes a puzzle to SmolkoPatriot-News

Nobody on the team seems to understand that they JUST ARE NOT ANY GOOD. More puzzling to me is how Michael Robinson could miss a wide open Issac Smolko in the end zone last week. I guess it is because they JUST ARE NOT ANY GOOD.

PSU fans shift into negative gearPost-Gazette

I had not noticed, had you?

Jon SaracenoPaterno’s real tragedy may be not knowing when to goUSA Today

From Tuesday — PSU alum (’79 Com) Jon Saraceno wonders if it is time for Joe Paterno to hang up the spikes and unroll the trousers. Saraceno came under a lot of fire in the Penn State message board community two years ago for suggesting that Paterno was not living up to his legacy, but he was right on then and is again. The Times also has a take on the situation: Paterno Is Seeking Answers for an Age-Old Problem.

The New Border War: Ohio State vs. Penn

A good history of the rivalry between PSU and OSU, who first played 92 years ago and 18 times since, from the OSU Rivals site. This is easily my favorite Big11Ten rivalry.

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