Dan VictorPSU-OSU is still a big gameCDT Blue

Blue’s sports columnist reminds lackadaisical fans out there that this is STILL a big game with a lot at stake, especially bragging rights, in our on border showdown in the Big11Ten. I am keeping the faith by making another “mayor’s bet” with the managing editor of one of Gannett’s Ohio newspapers. He gets stickies if we lose, I get an equivalent product if we win.

Nittany Lions look to end losing skidCDT

It looks grim for Penn State, but it is pointed out the Lions have apparently behaved off the field this season, unlike OSU.

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Nittany Lions hit all cylinders against Buckeyes in 1994CDT

Happier times, much happier times.

Ron BrackenA change at QB is due after another PSU lossCDT

Has any active journalist been on the Penn State beat as long as Ron Bracken? I do not think so. He is calling for frosh QB Anthony Morelli to take over if the Lions lose again.

David JonesNo one’s looking, but new coach could be close byPatriot-News

After bashing national college football coverage by junior sportswriters from universities even more prestigious than Jones’ alma mater, THE Ohio State University, Jones actually takes a look possible successors to Joe Paterno, including Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz and shoots down those possibilities. He then stumps for defensive coordinator Tom Bradley. Now, Phil Grosz, Blue White Illustrated publisher has publicly said that the next coach will be from outside the program, but then again he has also said that Chad Henne was a lock, we would go 8 – 3 the past two years, and is a huge homer. And just for the whining in the beginning of the article, I have post the succeeding article from Buckeye Buzz, an online only publication that I helped launch for the Newspaper Network of Central Ohio a few years back, because it references an incident between Jones and Paterno in the lead.

Paterno feeling the heat in Happy ValleyBuckeye Buzz

Standard “opposition” newspaper article on Paterno, with the Dave Jones reference.


Stadium tax scale due for revisionThe Wash. Times

No surprise that the council is looking at different ways to handle the gross-receipts tax. It is pretty clear that it needs some tweaking.

Bidders for new team to be charged $100,000The Wash. Times

Oh man, it looks like we are going to have to pass the hat around a little earlier than we thought, just getting into the bidding process will set us back 100K.


This is the manic magic house that Penn builtUSA Today

At home with Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller. Somewhere in Pennsyltucky – maybe near Mauch Chunk – there is a little boy who is extremely envious of that house and accompanying rock n’ roll lifestyle. To that little boy, I say that Penn could expletive deleted with YOUR rock n’ roll lifestyle.


President’s backers offer Beaver Stadium statementCDT

Regardless of what side of the aisle you are on, this a really clever campaign trick, very funny. There should really be a photo with this story though.

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