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Grzenda Threw Last Pitch for Senators in Game That Ended With Forfeit

If you have ever wondered who threw the last pitch in the history of the Washington Senators, wonder no more; Joe Grzenda is that pitcher and there is a lengthy feature about him by Bill Gildea.

Without a New Owner, Expos Sit in LimboThe Post

Bids are being accepted until November 1 and then MLB gets down to business. There is talk of a GM being hired in the next week or so. I would expect that MLB will let the new GM splurge on one free agent before the new ownership comes in and it would not surprise me if Boston’s SS Orlando Cabrera, a former Expo, is the one.

For Mayor’s Assistant, Baseball Is Latest TriumphThe Post

A profile of Mayor Williams right hand man in the MLB negotiations, Stephen M. Green. It turns out they know each from their Yale days. Do you think some cantab could have brought baseball back to D.C.? We will have to make him minister of something during in the Jack Evans empire.

RFK due to retain prime soccer seatingThe Wash. Times

STARPLEX (is it still called that?) thinks it can host baseball and soccer in the same season. Sounds like a recipe for trouble.

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This is not a typo, as most of you already know. It was an unbelievable game, very exciting and competitive. Penn State’s offense was just so inept that we looked forward to punts because it meant, a.) they did not turn it over and b.) we would have a chance to score with the defense on the field. This was the game that convinced me that “Joe must go.” It is sad. For the good of the program, he needs to step down. This is not working and I hate to say that. Unless he fires his son, I do not see how he can be coach.

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