Team likely to be named NationalsThe Wash. Times

This has been reported on a few blogs already, at least that it will be either Senators or Nationals. On my list of preferred nicknames for our ballclub, Nationals would be a distant second (third?) to Senators (#1) and Grays (#1a). For one thing, this name is a little too generic and not Washington enough, which says to me MLB does not have full confidence in the team staying in D.C. To Ryan Moore’s delight, the colors will be red, white, and blue. You may recall that Bill Collins first expansion bid choose Nationals as the nickname too. Remember how that worked out? At least it is not the Monuments or something similar.

Dick HellerYou can click in baseballThe Wash. Times

A column about the online job postings for D.C. baseball, which sadly does not include roster spots or something that I could do.


An uncooperative cable modem (COMCAST!) has left me with little time to put Penn State stories up. Also, the CDT has yet to update. So, I will have to do that at lunch, please check back after 1:30 p.m.

Devoted fan set to attend 200th straight home gameThe Collegian

We have come to this — fluff is much more interesting than the game preview. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the fellow in the article, maybe I am even a little jealous (I have missed three games since ’95), but I miss articles detailing the epic matchups we used to have.

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