Williams Claims Votes for StadiumThe Post

Hizzoner thinks there are votes to keep the process going. I am skeptical. In fact, I am going to try and avoid ballpark news until I get home (good luck at a newspaper company, right?) from work today. We shall see…

More from The Wash. Times: Mayor sure of ballpark support

More from The Post: Public Financing Opposed, Poll Finds

Bowden, at Least, Is Certain to Make MovesThe Post

If D.C. blows the funding vote today, this will probably be the last Bowden article I will ever post. He better be rebuilding the farm system with all of these trades. Keep Brad “The Last Expo” Wilkerson around too.

More from The Wash. Times: Bowden already making moves

Fans Root, Root For the ‘Senators’The Post

I have always preferred Senators, but Grays is a close second. The Nationals were known for their futility too, but I suppose it is a better name than many out there. I think it is just a placeholder name anyway, the owners (where ever they may be) will probably change it when they move into whatever ballpark they get built.


The CDT led with a headline ROCK BOTTOM on Sunday’s front page. No, my friends, losing to Northwestern was not rock bottom, though if Penn State loses in Bloomington to Indiana, I believe that would be rock bottom.

David JonesPall cast over programPatriot-News

The Maryland Bureau Chief’s favorite columnist cannot even figure out much to write about the Lions, in this sorry state.

Rendell: PSU should host Super BowlThe Collegian

I knew I liked this guy as governor, even if he is just joking around. A cold weather Super Bowl would be excellent. I often wondered if it would make sense to have neutral site regular season games. This (Stillers vs. Iggles) would be one that would work really well. Maybe next time. Oh and by the way, I am predicting Cleveland over Pittsburgh this weekend.

Freshmen steal show in PSU basketball exhibitionCDT

Things are so bad, I am kind of looking forward to basketball season. Who knows, maybe they will break the 9 win barrier, wouldn’t that be something? Apparently, they even have some depth, so the two starting guards will not need to play all 40 minutes — crazy! We will be seeing them on December 6, at MCI Center vs. Georgetown.

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