Owners’ Vote on Expos DelayedThe Post

MLB: Relocation Is Not at Risk

This delay does not concern me, they are obligated to make the vote by Dec. 6.

Baseball Is a Hit at the Box OfficeThe Post

Let’s conservatively say that is two tickets each. That is 20,000 tickets that are going to be sold before the public sale even begins. It works out to about 1.6 million, which is far more than the Expos could have ever hoped to draw in MontrĂ©al. Let’s thank all those who put deposits down to show we care about baseball in D.C.

Curbside Parking Fees Proposed for StadiumThe Post

Private Contract Could Raise $100 Million

Another alternative revenue proposal. Our hero, Jack Evans (D, Ward-2) thinks they should pass the funding bill with an amendment for alternative revenue, so that there is time to develop a good one, not just a quick one. I like his idea, just another reason why he is THE MAN.

Robinson agrees to return as managerThe Wash. Times

The continuity will probably be good. He got a lot out of the team his first two years up there. I expect, one or two; three years tops for him as skipper.

Paul LukasWe the PeopleESPN Page 2

The latest UniWatch has winner of the D.C. uniform contest. Some of the designs are okay, I like the D.C. flag in BEST REGIONAL DETAILS one, but I also like the swinging George Washington in the BEST OVERALL DESIGN. Thanks to Brad Stratton for sending me the link.


PSU seeks redemption against MSUThe Collegian

I will take redemption or a lot of playing time for Anthony Morelli.

Seniors to be honored before final home gameThe Collegian

I always enjoy senior day. Mills will get the loudest cheers, probably followed by Paul Jefferson or Andrew Guman. Derek Wake is not getting many from me, he really underachieved during his career.

Often maligned, Mills reluctantly ends PSU careerPost-Gazette

I will cheering wildly for Zack, he gave all he had to this program. It is not his fault no one could catch the ball or block. He deserved better and I hope he goes out a winner.

More from The Collegian: Mills’ trek full of ups, downs and Jenny Vrentas’ QB deserves better column.

Penn State Football Notebook: Paterno runs reverse on 2 young tailbacksPost-Gazette

I really do not see either Tony Hunt or Austin Scott actually redshirting. I am glad the idea is being considered, but I just do not see it happening.

Lessons learned by a fullbackThe Morning Call

Paul Jefferson leaves PSU a changed person: ‘I became a man.’

That is nice and all, but I wish he could have become an All-Big11Ten too. He was a disappointment this year — lots of holding calls and an absent ground attack for most of the Big11Ten season.


It all comes down to Saturday. Sam and I are against each other for the title of champion of the universe or something. The winner will achieve this position converting more field goal attempts than the loser at one of the IM Field goal posts. It should be fun.


Bulldogs attempt to spoil Cantabs’ perfect seasonYale Daily News

The Game preview. ESPN Gameday should be there instead of at BYU vs. Utah. Also see the editorial: For the 121st time, The Game still matters. There are a whole lot of other articles, I just do not have time to post them.


Honored, but angryThe Boston Globe

Bob Edwards, to be feted at WBUR, criticizes ex-NPR bosses

The legendary Bob Edwards, a man who made NPR what it is (or was), was very critical of his former employer. I am with Bob on this one, NPR really blew it and does not have a clue. Last weekend, I was asked to contribute to my local station. I choose not too, indicating that I was broke (true) and that I was unhappy about what happened to Edwards. The woman on the other end said she was hearing that a lot.

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