Thom LoverroBrotman is willing to fight for teamThe Wash. Times

Note to the D.C. council, pass the funding bill or Charlie “Bad News” Brotman is going to get upset. Brotman, 76, the first guy to pull that obnoxious protestor away from the podium. Also, Loverro makes the case for D.C. baseball again, which is always good to hear.

More from The Wash. Times: Baseball adopts Nationals name

More from The Post: Nationals Are Reborn to a Mixed Reaction

It turns out that the MLB Shop did get the hats mixed up.

Editors note: This corrected on December 26, 2004, due file names on the MLB Web be changed and thus showing the incorrect hats.

Home Away

That blue one is really sharp, I wish they would wear that one at home.


Zemaitis likely to stay for senior yearThe Collegian

I doubt he is a 1st round pick yet, so for him it makes sense to come back. Our defense could use him too.

David JonesPSU’s 2004 defense simply defied logic


I think the offense defied logic too, but seriously, this was one special defense. I doubt they will be that good next year, but hopefully they will not need to be that good because our offense will score.


Portland is taking leave of absenceThe Collegian

Not much has been said about why Women’s basketball coach Rene Portland is leaving, but hopefully she will be okay.

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