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Council’s Stadium Opponents Question Prospective TV DealThe Post

Most of Network’s Profits Would Go to Angelos

That is a really good point and hopefully that will lead to a better TV deal for the Nationals.

Still Smarting Over Senators, ‘Baseball Bill’ Looks AheadThe Post

A New Team in the District Could Inherit ‘Ultimate Fan’

A profile from a while back of Bill Holdforth, alleged to have dumped a beer on Bob Short in 1972. He says he would “never waste a beer like that.” It turns out in addition to being “the ultimate fan” he really, really likes beer. He also put out an ad in the old Minneapolis Tribune two days before an election bashing Senate hopeful Short, who then lost.

Expo turned National, Tavares is man on moveThe Sun

A good profile of Nats president Tony Tavares from Baltimore’s paper of all places.

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