You see, back in those days, rich men would ride around in Zeppelins, dropping coins on people, and one day I seen J. D. Rockefeller flying by. So I run of the house with a big washtub and… hey! Where are you going?

… Anyway, about my washtub. I’d just used it that morning to wash my turkey, which in those days was known as… a walking bird. We’d always have walking bird on Thanksgiving with all the trimmings: cranberries, injun eyes, yams stuffed with gunpowder. Then we’d all watch football, which in those days was called “baseball”…

Abraham Simpson

I think Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday these days. It is certainly the most American holiday and proof that America beats everybody else (on points) because we celebrate our holidays by feasting, not fasting. What could be better than stuffing one’s self silly with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. and then sitting by the fireplace, watching the Cowboys game? I know I look forward to sitting in front of the game and a roaring wood fire that I have built with my own hands (no remote control gas fireplaces for me!) at my folks house and eating a leftover turkey leg during the fourth quarter more than any other holiday. I also look forward to writing run-on sentences.


Nationals Have 15,000 Deposits For TicketsThe Post

You have to figure that is at least 30,000 seats of a 45,000 seat stadium already sold. That puts attendance well over 2 million and individual game tickets are not on sale. This has the makings of a ticket crunch, which is very good for the franchise, District, and MLB.

More from The Wash. Times: Ballpark agreement to require union standards.

Cost Cap Proposed For SE StadiumThe Post

It sounds like good fiscal policy, but it could blow the whole deal. Do you think council chairwoman Linda Cropp wishes she was not at the City Museum on Sept. 29? It is going to be up to Jack Evans (D, Ward-2) to get this through.

Dave Hughes of reported yesterday that after much consideration, Bonneville radio stations (WTOP, WGMS, Z104) are not interested in carrying the Nats.

Q&A with D.C. Mayor

A good interview of hizzoner by MLB.


Big Ten honors 5 Nittany LionsPatriot-News

Hali, Posluszny, Zemaitis named to 2nd-team defense

Not even an honorable mention for MLB Dan Connor though. Hopefully, he will feel slighted and take his frustration out on the opposition next year. The others, including Andrew Guman and Jeremy Kapinos are not surprising.

Bob Flouders has more on the Connor snub: Connor deserves all-conference notice

Will Robinson spend his last year at QB or wideout?The Morning Call

While the NFL looms, he said he’d like to play the position that is best for his future.

Sorry Mike, your best future position is not QB. Zack Mills basically said MRob needs to be a wideout last week.


Turnpike runs free on 1st day of strikePost-Gazette

Union workers walk out, leaving toll gates wide open

The annual threat of a strike on Black Wednesday became more than a threat this year. Toll booth attendants on the Pa. Turnpike decided to picket at 4 a.m. yesterday. I had at least two emails on the subject before 11 a.m. The good news was that yesterday, the road was free. The bad news was that today, scabs are in place, so even with flat rates, there will probably be backups. The really good news is it does not matter to me since I am not traveling! In the end this is just representative of how the poorly the Pennsylvania Turnpike compares to other Northeastern toll roads, which are generally cheaper, better designed/maintained and have friendlier, helpful attendants. They also have EZ-Pass in every lane and fewer indirect connections (Breezewood) between other superhighways. While I recognize that working in a toll booth is not the greatest job, they get better benefits than most of us do, so I do not have a lot of sympathy. These are probably largely patronage jobs anyhow, I doubt anyone can just show up, apply and get the job, methinks you have to know someone. In other highway news…

NJ Route 42Interstate 295 - New JerseyInterstate 76
N.J. promises to untangle a traffic knotThe Inqy

Fast lane: Codey vows a quicker fix at merge of Route 42, I-295, I-76

Even as a kid I knew this interchange was not a great idea. Granted, it is worse for I-76/NJ 42 traffic than I-295 in my experience, but this needs to be fixed. It sounds like in about six years, if all goes according to plan, I may be able to get down the Shore three minutes earlier. Also, NJ 42 and the Atlantic City Expressway need to become an extension of I-76.

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