Today is the busiest shopping day of the year, they say. I am going to celebrate the way I always do, by going to work and avoiding malls and big box stores at all costs.


After a long absence, an alert reader in Fairfax e-mailed me to clarify how many season tickets have been sold:

I think you’re miscounting the deposits on season tickets. I put down money for 4 season tickets. But the way I had to enter it on the website, I put down 4 “deposits”. You have to put a deposit on each seat you want. So, if you want 10 seats, you put down 10 deposits.

So, 15,000 deposits means the same as 15,000 seats.

The attendance, then, is already more than 1.2 million — a phenomenal total, since the council hasn’t even voted yet. Watch what happens when partial game plans go on sale (assuming of course that the council will get the deal done).

Thank you, ARIF!


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Longtime beat writer Ronnie Christ is feeling good about the Nittany Lions following the Michigan State game.


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There is not much that we do not already know in this article, but it is nice to be reminded of him aggravating Dan Synder, boy owner of the Washington Red-faces.

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