Will there be agony or ecstasy? Has Linda Cropp fouled it all up again? Will they even vote? I am going to try and avoid the news while I am at work, this is the sort of thing that can kill productivity.

Cropp Offers Alternate Funding PlanThe Post

I am simply shocked, shocked that Cropp would propose something at the last minute. I am not even going to try the tea leaves on this one, rather just hope they do not blow it. The Wash. Times has a more optimistic article: Stadium approval coming today.

Thomas Boswell – Hot Stove Puts Redskins On the Back BurnerThe Post

I am not sure I agree with all of Boswell’s conclusions and he acts as though ballpark funding was fait accompli. It is not, as we all know. I just hope they cut a deal today.

More from The Post: Nationals Acquire Fourth New Player


My brother sent me a link to a great site and a fantastic prank pulled off by some Yalies. Go to and see what they did. Boola boola blue!

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