City, MLB nearing accord on benefitsThe Wash. Times

Sounds like D.C. will get more community benefits (window dressing according to Adrian Fenty), but not necessarily a reworking of the Sept. 29 agreement. Fenty is saying that the second vote will fail, but council members he said will vote no are not confirming their position. Remember, if all the yes votes from last time keep that position and just one of the abstainers switches to yes, there will be great joy on Tuesday. I am still nervous.

Nats Pursue O. Perez, but Money Is a FactorThe Post

Free agent P Odalis Perez, likes the idea pitching in D.C., but comes out and says it is all about the money. In The Wash. Times article, some alternatives to the pricey Perez are mentioned, including Esteban Loaiza (Yankees), Paul Byrd (Braves) and Matt Clement (Cubs). Front office hirings are also mentioned as well as the pursuit of Barry Larkin.



WWN is quite pleased to present the views of economist D. Berg Pisarcik of Sandonia. Now a law student in San Francisco, Pisarcik is a native Washingtonian who has viewed the Nationals ordeal from afar and offers this commentary on the saga and D.C. politics in general:

I see Cropp’s Commission passed a measure of

“preliminary” funding. Still tempting Fate I reckon.

Now, I’m a firm believer in John Locke, the Federalist

Papers, and republicanism. I think most agree

taxation without representation is something to be

frowned upon. Thus, with their self interests in

mind, I just can’t fathom how these D.C. voters

continue to prove themselves routinely to be so

moronic. Marion Barry’s past, present, and future

amply make this point glaringly obvious. The members

of the school board that were taking bribes and using

tax revenue at the local haberdashery is another. Now

this irrational, unwieldy obstinacy.

Shocking. A historically elitist, and at many times

racist, national organization like MLB finally caves

in and will operate in your town AND it will be the

anchor of a possible re-development plan of a blighted

wasteland: and their response is to yutz around,

rattle sabers, and flex over-inflated muscles.

Simply bizarre.

How refreshing to know that this is as puzzling “outside the Beltway” as inside of it.


Day dawns to reveal restaurant in ruinsCDT

For the second time in less than two years, the Mount Nittany Inn has burnt to the ground. They had almost had it rebuilt when it went up in smoke the other night. I never made it up there, though it has been on my list of places to go. It looks like it will not get crossed off for a long time now, if ever.


The Web site for my alumni chapter has been upgraded. The new design is much improved, for one thing it is blue. Thankfully, the frames have been removed too.


Homeland Security Nominee Kerik Pulls OutThe Post

I don’t usually post national news, but this one is just one is just irresistible.

And Trogdor smote the Kerik and all was laid to burnination

* What would Strong Bad say?

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