This is what I tried to post earlier. Here are the lead articles from The Post:Amended Deal on Stadium Approved and The Wash. Times: Deal puts District back in the ballgame.

David BroderTake Them Out to the BallgameThe Post

The dean of Washington’s political columnists, Dave Broder rarely writes a sports column, but when he does, it is always good. He thinks that Congress got a lot less friendly after Bob Short moved the Senators in ’71 because they could no longer go to games together and put the politics aside for an evening. Along a similar line, I bet the schools were a lot better then too.

Thomas BoswellA Big Reality CheckThe Post

A little cold water from Tom Boswell is kind of surprising and you may not want to read it, though there is a photograph of councilman Vincent Orange holding a Ricky Henderson picture, which will no doubt delight one blogger. Boswell thinks we are looking at 2009 for a ballpark opening. I think I could live with that, couldn’t you?


Let me tell you, on April 4, it’s getting personal, real personal.


Truck Explodes on I-395The Post

A tanker truck exploded a few blocks from my apartment early this morning. Somehow, I slept through that, though I do remember a car alarm going off for a long time. My commute got delayed somewhat, but not too badly. I could smell the fumes though and the air was hazy.


  • The Lion cagers lost to Buffalo last night, which is really bad and a reminder the team has a loooong ways to go. – CDT
  • Kelly Mazzante was honored by PSU at the BJC. – CDT
  • WR Terrance Phillips is done at Penn State. I guess this will give someone we know something to talk about the next time he runs into Terrance’s dad at Safeway. – Patriot-News
  • Yesterday was Joe Paterno’s 105th birthday. No, really, it was his 78th.

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