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Broadcast Interrupted For Nationals’ SpotlightThe Post

Another profile of the trigger-happy GM of the Nats, Jim Bowden. He’s better than Pat Gillick, how?

George SolomonWith the Shenanigans (Hopefully) Over, It’s ‘Play Ball’The Post

Our favorite Nats cheerleader lets us know what Shirley Povich, Sam Lacy and Morrie Siegel would have thought about the struggle to bring the Nats here.

Baseball fight full of lessons for D.C.The Wash. Times

A breakdown of what went down with the ballpark process.

Potential Nats Owners Are Going to BatThe Post

A number of groups want in, but demands by Peter Angelo$ loom large.

The Nats online store now has a batting jersey for sale. Sure, it’s garish, but it does have the interlocking D & C, so that is very cool. If they get a blue one, well, I would not be able to control myself and I would have to buy one. Also, if you are trying to go to the store at RFK, you cannot enter the parking lot from the SE Freeway entrance, it is still closed. I tried to go there on the way up to Pennsylvania the other day and was turned back.


So, here’s a column dedicated to the principles set forth and furthered by my 85-year-old mom in Columbus. Her motto and I’ll try to get it verbatim: “It doesn’t cost you anything to be nice to people.”

See, I’ve always objected to that philosophy. Being blindly nice costs me. I can’t complain. I can’t find blame. And I come from a long line of blame-placers. These are intrinsic qualities that I must constantly be on alert to douse.

But I can do it for one day.

So, did you figure out who wrote this column? Confirm your suspicion here.


Ron BrackenNittany Nation looking at Williams as this year’s program saviorCDT

Esteemed CDT sports editor Ron Bracken throws some cold water on those who think the recruitment of Derrick Williams will make autumn Saturdays in Happy Valley important on a national scale again. He cites examples of recruits who panned out and ones who did not and reminds us all what a crapshoot this whole thing is in the end.

Nittany Lions freshman looks to lead teamCDT

Meanwhile, on the hardwood, frosh G Mike Walker is making things happen, they say. The inevitable Joe Crispin comparison was made only once.


Trek to school not like it used to be USA Today

This is an article from last week about how kids no longer walk to school. A number of reasons are noted, mainly overprotective parents. This is just stupid, let the kids walk to school so they can learn some independence and self reliance. I walked to school for seven years and preferred that over the bus any day. It is a great way to stay in shape too. When I stopped walking to school, I put on weight for a few years.

We need to make playgrounds more dangerous too. Not super dangerous of course, but put in some risk so kids might scrape their knees and learn about physical risk without serious consequences. It will pay off in the end.

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