• On Monday, I went in search of an official Nationals road cap, size 7 1/2. I looked all over D.C. and was successful. I also bought a Christmas ornament, shot glass, and mini pennant at the team store. It was great to visit RFK and walk around, I don’t think I have been there since the 1996 HFStival. RFK may be the prototype for the round, cookie-cutter stadiums of the 60s and 70s, but it still has a decent amount of character, equaled only be the post-football Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Hopefully, the Nats can make it rock again.
  • Mayor Anthony Williams is featured in the latest Washingtonian as a Washingtonian of the Year. He is photographed standing at the future location of home plate. I have to believe that this was done before December 14. He is quoted as saying he is willing to stake his political career on baseball. Guess what Tony, you just did. He also signed the ballpark legislation today (The Post), making it official.
  • I updated my D.C. baseball portal. There are more links, a few more images and links to some of my favorite blog posts on the subject. There will be a blog-wide “best of 2004” (I hope) in a few days. Also, last week I added a bunch of other Nats blogs to the navigation.
  • Eddie Layton, longtime organist at Yankee Stadium died on Sunday (The Times). He retired last year. He started with the Yankees back when my mother worked for them. NPR has a couple of reports on him here and here.
  • Marion Barry (file photo) is profiled by The Post. His record of incompetence is included. I like to think that the fact he is against D.C.’s ballpark bodes well for it being built.
  • If you can find it, check out “Backfire” on public radio. It is a great satirical program that runs every year and includes an ABC correspondent, plus Buck Henry, Jane Curtain, and Tony “Really, I’m not Chris Hitchens” Hendra, aka Ian Faith in “This is Spinal Tap.” It is very funny, dry, humor. Let me know if you find out when it will be broadcast.
  • Joe Queenan’s new book, “Queenan Country,” was reviewed in The Times on Sunday.

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