Baseball’s return becomes officialThe Wash. Times

It is official for this year. There is a clause in the legislation that requires the council to find a new location if the cost review, done around March 15 (beware the Ides of March!) exceeds a certain amount. So, there is still the possibility of trouble beyond 2005. Hopefully, it will not come to that point and they can make it happen. You probably already saw the article from The Post yesterday.

Nats, Perez in Holding PatternThe Post

Not much has changed in the pursuit for P Odalis Perez. Former Reds star Jose Rijo is reported to be recruiting him, an indication that he will be named to the Nats coaching staff next week.

Nationals’ Siegle no stranger to politicsThe Wash. Times

Tony Siegle, the Nationals’ assistant general manager is profiled. Throughout his baseball career he has been involved with politicians, so Washington seems like a natural fit to him.


Smith’s career high leads Nittany Lions to victoryCDT

The Nittany Lions men’s basketball team went 1 – 1 at the ASU/ Hoops Classic to bring the season record to 6 – 6 with one non-conference game remaining. Hopefully, they can win 10 games this year, with the mediocre record to date, a winning season would seem impossible.


Ex-Pittsburghers see more activity, diversity in Washington, D.C.Post-Gazette

Ever notice that every other person you know around here claims to be from Pittsburgh? Here is an article from a series about why, from the paper of record in the steel city.

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