Here are some highlights of the first year of William World News.

  • I GOT ENGAGED – October 16, 2004

    This is the first post I made about getting engaged to Erica on October 1, which is even better than the Nats.

  • VICTORY – September 29, 2004

    The post-announcement post. I was at the press conference that day. I have a gallery too.

  • JOY – December 21, 2004

    The first post after the D.C. council made it official. You can see the follow up on the next day here.

  • A FEW THOUGHTS – December 17, 2004

    Ranting and raving about D.C. and the betrayal to the Nats and their fans.

  • NATS SCORECARD – December 15, 2004

    A rundown on what bloggers and columnists thought about the Nats surviving Linda Cropp.

  • THEY Q%&#$@!-ING BLEW IT! – December 15, 2004

    The day after the amended ballpark bill passed and MLB announced they would pull out of the deal if it was not altered.

  • MUCH ADO ABOUT FUNDING – December 11, 2004

    Guest analyst D. Berg Pisarcik makes a contribution.

  • 29 – 1 – December 4, 2004

    The owners vote in favor of D.C. having the team. Guess who disagrees?

  • OFF THE CUFF NATS NOTES – December 2, 2004

    Sacarstic suggestions and observations about the process, including my idea to ambush an anti-ballpark rally.


    Former p.a. announcer Charlie Brotman goes to the mat for the Nats and the new hats are released.


    MLB makes official the worst kept secret in Washington and unleashes what Ryan Moore called, “Our Long Nationals Nightmare.”

  • CONGRATULATIONS SAM – October 18, 2004

    Foolishly, I bet on the side of Vinny Testaverde in my bet with Sam over the Dallas vs. Stillers game. Some day, I may even get the opprutunity to pay it off.

  • PAYING OFF MY BET – September 26, 2004

    Only a highlight if your name is Brenda or you also went to Wisconsin.

  • Fête du Travail – September 6, 2004

    My first international post. The next one, HALLO AMÉRICAINS, is here.

  • BALTIMOREAN OF THE YEAR – July 1, 2004

    Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley announces he favors D.C. baseball. For that, I named him Baltimorean of the Year.


    Less than two weeks after O’Malley is named BOTY, Brooks Robinson is named Co-Baltimorean of the Year for his support.

  • The first D.C. baseball post – April 9, 2004

    My first D.C. baseball post. It’s buried below other headlines. I was not planning on drinking the D.C. baseball Kool-Aid this year after being dissapointed so many times previously. You can see how long that lasted.

  • BATTLE FOR 29TH PLACE & BROOMBALL – March 31, 2004

    A recap of the epic showdown between the Caps and Pengyunz, follwed by the even more epic broomball showdown between the Penn State alumni chapter and the Pitt alums. I was the left wing and I scored the first goal in a 3 – 2 win. You can see about couple of photos in this post.

  • BOB EDWARDS CANNED?! – March 24, 2004

    The first of many posts about the inexplicable and indefensible removal of Bob Edwards as Morning Edition host. He bolted for XM later in the year.


    New council seen as threat to ballpark dealThe Wash. Times

    An article on what we are all thinking and fear in the ballpark law — a new council torpedoing the deal.

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