Our worst fear has been realized and the deus ex machina in this drama was DC Council Chairman Linda Cropp, who is now public enemy #1 and can (and should) be mentioned in the same breath as Calvin Griffith and Bob Short. She is responsible for ruining our dream of MLB baseball in D.C. with 11th hour amendments every step along the way. Sure, the Nats will probably play here next season, but after that, they probably go away and MLB will never permit a team here again. Cropp’s tactics, which can be described as chicken sh*t and self-serving torpedoed full public funding and broke the deal with MLB. Their statement will certainly be released sometime today. They cannot be happy. I just wonder how long they will give D.C. to find private funding. Oh and if you are a multimillionaire who wants unconditional love from the masses for the rest of your life, I suggest you ride over to Mayor Williams office on a white horse with dump truck full of money following closely behind.

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