• I have not been posting as much lately for a number of reasons. The big one is that the two primary topics, the Nats and Penn State football are pretty much dormant right now. Another one is I have been so busy seeing so many people and doing so many things that took away time from blogging, sleeping, etc. However, I am getting back into the swing of it and will be posting more stuff other than just Nats & PSU. I never planned on this becoming a single topic blog, it just kind of happened that way sometimes. rest assure, I will still be providing the first glance at the Nats headlines everyday, as soon as they come back. In the meantime, updating may be a little sporadic, but should be just about every day.
  • Erica and I are taking her brother to the Phone Booth tonight to see the Wizards vs. Jersey. It will be their first time to a Les Boulez game, while it will be my second at MCI Center, having seen them (courtside) at Capital Centre in 1992. Until recently, the Wiz were second in the SE Division, so perhaps there was an upside to joining the Caps (who?) as representatives in a division that makes no geographic or historical sense. We do not measure ourselves against Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, etc. It has always been NY, Philly, Boston, etc. Those southern towns are just more modern, cleaner Baltimores in the big picture.
  • New Year’s was great. We visited with Sam, Brad, and their wives up in Columbia and rang in the new year with a tasty meal at Aida. The next day, Erica and I hosted 16 people for a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch new year’s meal of pork and sauerkraut. Things are finally setting down and people are starting to go home.
  • In SoCal, the Angels have changed their name to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This is a real Mickey Mouse move, akin to the Orioles becoming the Washington Orioles of Baltimore, though Angelo$ is probably wishing he thought of previously. I am glad the Anaheim city council is suing the team (USA Today), I hope they win. While naming your team after an overgrown suburb like Anaheim is pretty lame, it is less grody to the max than pretending to be from somewhere 30 miles away, especially when that suburb builds you a stadium (twice). At least the Patriots had the sense to become “New England” when they left Boston. You could make similar arguments for the Redskins and Giants playing in different states than their “hometown,” but at least you can see the cities they represent from their stadia.
  • Journal Newspapers Inc. is creating a free tabloid (The Post) for D.C., like the ones they have for Northern Virginia and Maryland. I always thought The Wash. Times should go tabloid, but now that there is this new one and Express from The Post it is too late for Rev. Moon.
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