EditorialMr. Angelos’s Foul BallThe Post
Once again, Peter Angelo$ is the subject of a Post editorial. This one is aimed at MLB though, insisting they get the Nats on TV now, lawsuit threats be damned. This is a joke. We must continue to boycott Peter Angelo$. I would say it is a LOCK that this is going to court.

Angelos, Baseball Still Haggling Over TV DealThe Post
To really get an idea of what is going on, Thomas Heath talks to an advertiser who says he is hearing from Comcast and the Orioles about TV spots, both organizations claiming to be the one who will control Nationals games.

Area TV may not carry openerThe Wash. Times
It could happen, don’t put it past Angelo$ to hold it up and steal from us our glory. He does not care that he will lose Washington completely if he does it. What a hateful man.

Castilla eyes quick returnThe Wash. Times
Vinny Castilla is playing a couple of minor league games as part of his recovery from a hyperextended knee.

More from The Post: Castilla Ready for Live Pitching

Nationals’ Armas Put on Disabled ListThe Post
Tony Armas Jr. is going to miss at least three starts, maybe four.

Slow Start for RFK Naming RightsThe Post
I think the headline should be “Late Start for RFK Naming Rights.” We only heard about this over the weekend, less than three weeks before the home slate opens. Maybe they should have started earlier…

There is also a photo of the field. It looks good. They are putting up green paint on the back wall, which reminds me too much of Fenway. What was wrong with the dark blue?

Letters to EditorBrevard’s field of dreamsFlorida Today
Vierans take exception to Marc Fisher’s column that amounts their um, place, as a wasteland. It turns out they love their WalFarts and trailer parks.

David BrooksWhose Team Am I On?The Times
A Times columnist is straying from his lifelong love affair with the Mets for the Nationals. Welcome aboard!

The Nationals site is finally pointing to the right store again.

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