A Field Grows in WashingtonThe Post
New Sod Transforms the Old Stadium for Nationals’ Arrival

Wow, what a beautiful sight…RFK is looking like a baseball stadium again. It is only two weeks until the exhibition game!

If Not Vidro, Then CarrollThe Post
Get used to seeing a lot of Jamey Carroll, D.C.’s security blanket. Jose Vidro’s MRI said there was no additional damage and he should resume playing next week.

More from The Wash. Times: Nationals’ Vidro could return soon

Castilla InjuredThe Post
Another ouch for the Nationals, Vinny “Silent Spring” Castilla has to get an MRI on his knee.

Patterson looks for happy endingThe Wash. Times
P John Patterson, the last starter in the history of the Expos is battling for the #5 spot in the rotation.

Let’s open up the WWN mailbag. Today, we have an e-mail from Guest Editor Fritz Hamme, the young MC himself:

Dude, how is it that you pull off getting spot #2 on Boswell’s discussion today, and my question didn’t even get addressed? It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya!

Oh, you must mean this little excerpt from Tom Boswell’s chat yesterday:

Pentagon City, Va.: If a deal is not struck with Peter Angelo$ and ML works out a local Nats TV agreement separately, do you think that he would exercise the “nuclear option” and try and get an injunction to prevent the Nats from playing? Would he be successful? Lastly, how would MLB respond? My hope would be they would suspend all play until it got resolved and put it all on Angelo$, but that may be expecting too much.

Tom Boswell: According to a highly placed source, there is “some chance” that Angelos’ brilliant intellect will win the day over his emotions and that a sane settlement will be reached well before opening day. But this source also put the chances of that at “less than 50-50.”

So, baseball is assuming that Angelos will probably sue the sport and perhaps the Nationals, too. In my opinion, Angelos is making very poor choice. I don’t mean from a Washington point of view, but from HIS point of view. I think he, and his suits, will simply become a sideshow that will detract very little from the season. I can’t find one person in baseball who thinks he has a case. (But then baseball’s opinion on the law has a very poor batting average.)

Okay, I have probably gone overboard, hitting three chats in 24 hours, but sometimes you just have to help expose Peter Angelo$.

So, if you are keeping score (and I know you are not) I have been on the following chats over the last year or so:

  1. Beano Cook, ESPN.com
  2. Pop Candy with Whitney Matheson, USA Today
  3. Potomac Confidential with Marc Fisher, The Post
  4. The Final Word with Craig Wilson,USA Today
  5. Tom Boswell, The Post

I would have to say Beano takes the cake, with Boswell next. Then, Matheson, Fisher, and Wilson.

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