RFK behind schedule

Sod for RFK delayed a weekThe Wash. Times
All of this snow has delayed the completion of the field at RFK. They are having to switch to a different type of sod that roots in seven days.

Up First for the Nats: ChavezThe Post
Leadoff Hitter Is Key to Team’s Offense, Defense
I kind of get the feeling that Endy Chavez is projected as the leadoff hitter and CF because it will make it easier to fill the lineup and batting order, not because he is particularly suited to that roll.

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Bad break can’t untrack OhkaThe Wash. Times
P Tomo Ohka has decent numbers and overcame a broken pitching arm.

Only backup spots left undecidedThe Wash. Times
Just about everything is decided for the regular season, only CF is open right now and Chavez is being penciled in there.

Eye candy! The official player photos, the first with the red “W” hats are coming out and Nationals Pastime has most of them. It sure is nice to see “our team” in our shiny new uniforms.

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