Last night I caught Sideways at the Cinema N’ Drafthouse with Erica and Fritz “MC” Hamme, WWN guest editor. It is a hysterical movie and I recommend it highly, I have not laughed that much in a movie theater in a very long time. Paul Giamatti was amazing as the neurotic Miles, an English teacher and would be novelist dealing with being 40, divorced, unpublished and broke. He really deserved an Oscar nomination, but maybe the academy is full of Pete Rose fans and are punishing him for the actions of his father, Bart. Thomas Haden Church, best known as Lowell on the TV show “Wings” was perfect as an amoral has-been actor, Jack.

By now you probably know that the two hit wine country to drink lots of wine and play a little golf a week before Jack’s wedding. They meet women (Sandra Oh and Virginia Madsen), and the incidents and accidents begin. A good mid-life crisis movie if there ever was one.

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