Fuzzy Green Mascot Invades D.C.WRC-TV (retrieved from Wayback Machine)
Phanatic Stirs Excitement For Upcoming Games
As if there was any doubt, we have confirmation that the Phillies will be our biggest rival. The Phillie Phantic, baseball’s best mascot (until ours, right?) came to town to “gauge excitement” over the Nats. Normally, I consider this a mortal threat to our baseball sovereignty, but that was already accomplished by someone a little closer on I-95 and well, the Phanatic is just really cool. I hope to meet him on Monday when I am up for opening day. He is easily the most (only?) redeeming thing about Philly sports.

By the way, I might have an extra ticket, email me for information.

There is also a slideshow which includes a shot of the Phanatic at RFK. The D.C. Lottery/soccer ball clock has the circular logo with “DC” in it now, which looks nice. Hopefully, it can be sold for advertising because the team can use all the help it can get.


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