Nats Have No Answer For Marlins’ BeckettThe Post
Marlins 8, Nationals 0
This is very annoying. It would be easy to say that Frank Robinson is leaving his starters in too long, but when the next option is reliever, Antonio Osuna, I have to think that leaving in the starters until their arms fall off might not be so bad. Osuna’s ERA is in the 40s. Really.

Also, I hate the Marlins (but not in the way I hate the Phillies and Mets) because they are a joke franchise with an awful name and bad uniforms who got lucky twice. They also play in a big orange football stadium, which I have trouble respecting. Losing to them stinks.

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Mike WiseIntuition, Not Numbers, Guides Nats’ RobinsonThe Post
Just a hunch, but maybe Robinson should look at some numbers. I respect that he manages by feel — I am not a stats guy — but ERA’s that have two numbers before the decimal point cannot be ignored.

Thom Loverro of The Wash. Times has a column with the same theme, isn’t it something how this seems to happen all the time?

No relief yet for Osuna’s strugglesThe Wash. Times
More on the struggles of Osuna
Osuna Is Slammed Again

Senators, new D.C. Stadium shone in ’62 openerThe Wash. Times
RFK’s first opening day is recalled.

As of Saturday, I have been covering D.C. baseball on this blog for a whole year. The first entry was not even the first headline in a much different incarnation of WWN.

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