Close on the Horizon, Plans for Taller RosslynThe Post
I used to work in Rosslyn (in what is now the WJLA building, a 281 ft high-rise) and it really underachieves for a downtown area. Of course, as bad as it was, it still beats Tysons Corner hands down. Anything that might help it feel more urban is welcome, and if they can build a signature building all the better. I have some reservations of 500 ft. tall building close to National Airport though.

Folks in D.C. are not thrilled, thinking it is a monstrosity that takes away from L’Enfant plan for the federal city wtih rolling hills on the west shore of the Potomac. Get over it folks! Arlington and Virginia cannot be held in by a 200 year old zoning plan from another juridiction. High density development around mass transit is much better than sprawling campuses accesible only by car.

Also, I kind of like seeing skyline on the other side of the river.

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