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I had given up on the game at the top of the 8th, choosing sleep over the rest of the game. It is nice to learn that I missed a lot, though a rain delay would have been tough. C Brian Schneider hit a 2 run double in the top of the 9th to win the game. Good work gentlemen!

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Guard Discusses Altered RFK DealThe Post
It won’t be National Guard Field after all. It also sounds like no one else is interested in the sponsorship.

Also, in the next article, the last line indicates that MLB and D.C. are going to finalize the stadium lease today. This seems a little late, methinks.

More from The Wash. Times: Deal for sponsor may be back on

Next: Finding a place to liveThe Wash. Times
The Nats need places to live and it looks like NW and Old Town will where most of them wind up. Brad Wilkerson can help them find a bank.

Barely a Quorum Opening NightThe Post
First off, what a great headline. Councilmembers on both sides of the ballpark vote will be there though I am sure you will all be crying crocodile tears that Marion Barry (D-Ward 8), Adrian Fenty (D-Ward 4), David A. Catania (I-At Large), and Vincent C. Gray (D-Ward 7) won’t be there. For the ones who are, I say don’t boo, let’s give them some positive reinforcement for a change.

District Steering Nats Fans To RailsThe Post
The trains will be packed and the streets will be clogged. Budget a lot of time, because somebody who probably loves our caps more than me is going to be throwing out the first pitch. Here are three articles about that, check them out for political bias:

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Q & A with Tony
Some tough talk about RFK from the Nats president.

Castilla may return for home openerThe Wash. Times
3B Vinny Castilla sat out last night and probably will tonight so that he gets a chance to play on Thursday.

Robinson begins his Washington chapterThe Wash. Examiner
Another profile of skipper Frank Robinson.

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