After decades of waiting, a long and seemingly endless streak ended…

I saw parts of a D.C. baseball victory live. Thus far, I was 0 for lifetime in watching Nats games in person or on TV. Granted, I may have actually seen one full at-bat today, on account of being at work, but I saw something, so this one counts. Thank god this has finally happened after all those years of disappointment!

To celebrate this long awaited milestone, the Nats are going to do it up right for their home opener. Expect lots of dignitaries from the world of sport and politics, plus a special jersey with a gold border around the Nationals script.

Nats Head Home After Pounding BravesAP/The Post

There are a bunch of good features on in anticipation of opening day, forgive me if some have already been posted.

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    I don’t have tickets to tomorrow night’s game, so I will be watching it at Fado. I figure, I might as well celebrate this glorious occasion by spending money in the city that is paying for the ballpark. WWN editors Erica Marker and Fritz Hamme will also be in attendance.

    Good Wilbon Quote: I care that there is baseball in D.C. I love that. I hated that the city I’ve lived my entire adult life in hasn’t had it. I hate that so many people (like my wife and brother-in-law) have grown up thinking the Orioles are their hometown team…God, I hate that…Now, am I going to the opener? No. It has no emotional impact on me. I’m not from here. I’ve got my hometown team, the sorry and still no-account Cubs. And I want my seat (not that I have a say in it) to go to somebody from here who cares about this, who hopefully is from the D.C. area…

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