When it comes to the Blue White Game, weather tends to be hit or miss. Yesterday, we got hit by lots of rain, off and on, throughout the day. In the second half the threat of lightning caused the game to be called. Interestingly enough, while the P.A. was telling fans to seek shelter, the game continued for a few minutes.

Some observations about what we saw:

  • Michael Robinson looked comfortable at QB, leading the Blue squad to two touchdowns and inside the five (Tony Hunt fumbled) on his three possessions.
  • Sophomore Anthony Morelli did not look good, missing receivers and getting hurried in the pocket.
  • Frosh Derrick Williams, sporting #2 (pictured above), saw a lot of action at WR. He had a handful of passes thrown his way and has nice moves.
  • The other big frosh, Justin King saw time on both sides of the ball. He was wearing #7.

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    The weather kept a lot of people from making it up to Happy Valley. Our tailgate wound up being small, but fun nevertheless. The rain at the end of the game deterred us from setting up again. Lot #13 turned into a quagmire after the game, which was great if you were into playing in the mud like a bunch of nearby students (looked like fun!), but no so great if you were trying to drive out. We managed to make it out with a minor detour.

    Having a cooler full of food kind of deterred us from wanting to stop somewhere for dinner. Thankfully, the skies stopped dropping rain on the way home. We decided to set up a tailgate after all…

    Here, WWN Copy Editor Erica Marker (behind the camera), Deputy Editor Fritz Hamme and I are enjoying some beer dogs at the Midway Service Plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike parking lot. This worked out really well, the lot was not crowded and aside from the wind, we had a great tailgate.

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