This week it is hard to avoid the fact that the last Star Wars movie is coming out in two excruciatingly long weeks. My company’s flagship newspaper, which oddly enough is available to everyone in my building for free, has probably not gone more than two days without a Star Wars story this past month. Now, they are up to two articles a day. Even the world of Nats blogs has been infiltrated, I could have sworn that Niem Numb was Nat of the Day recently.

So, what is a guy to do? The good news/bad news is that we will never have the kind of hype again, George Lucas he is done. Of course, I half expect that to be true, but his heirs will be quite happy to honor him after he dies by selling the rights. I think Episode II, I was very disciplined about going in cold, but this time — not so much. I heard that Kevin Smith saw it and said it was great and what we were hoping for in the last two. He confirmed that this was not for kids, which is really promising.

Thankfully, for those of us who need sort of fix, there exists a new blog that is very, very cool. I caught it on Brenda Mayrack’s blog and I have to say that it may be the best blog ever. It’s way better than Wonkette, Rodney Anonymous Tells You What to Think, Real Ultimate Power and maybe even Distinguished Senators. It is called The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster. Someone decided to blog Darth Vader’s thoughts. While is an unwieldly way to read it, I suggest that you go to the bottom of this page and read in chronological order by scrolling up. It’s tedious but worth it.v>

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