As a Road Show, Nats Are Looking BetterThe Post
The 2005 Nationals are playing better than the 2004 Expos did on the road.

Metro Ramps Up Service For Hot-Ticket GamesThe Post
It should be easier to get to and from the big games at RFK and MCI Center this weekend.

For Nationals starters, a new lookThe Wash. Times
It will be a different rotation than the one that left here on May 2.

Local machinery – Brian SchneiderThe Wash. Examiner
A quick Q & A with the Ombudsman’s favorite Nat, C Brian Schneider.

You gotta believe in miracles with the Nationals in townThe Montgomery County Sentinel

The MCI Center sparked the rejuvenation around Chinatown and the Washington Nationals have created a reason for families to come into the city on a hot August night, instead of fleeing to the eastern shore or points north or south.

This touches on one of the things I have been curious about — August attendance. We all know how the weather gets that late in the year and that the federal government is being run by a skeleton staff. Granted, the Nats are guaranteed 20,000 plus a game, but I am curious as to how many more make it down to RFK. This is where marketing to tourists comes into play and to my mind is one of the great advantages that the Nats should have over other markets. If they could get just 500 tourists a game, that works out to 40,500 over the course of the season, which is almost like having another sellout. Hopefully, the Nats realize this and promote heavily in the hotels. Get the pocket schedules in hotels!

Washington Nationals’ Osuna Has SurgeryWTOP.com
It will be six to eight weeks of recovery for Antonio “42.43 ERA” Osuna, following arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder. Hopefully he can get better and make a contribution this season so his legacy will be something other than 42.43.

Nationals’ new old home is dirt-poorChicago Sun-Times
The Windy City’s tabloid is slamming RFK. Expect an article like this, though perhaps not as mean-spirited, from the “opposition” newspaper at the beginning of every series. Fun facts: RFK is second oldest park in the NL…the Cubs have not played in D.C. since the 19th century.

As Cubs arrive, politicians departChicago Tribune
If you were dreaming of running into Sen. Dick Durbin at RFK this weekend, I am sorry to report you will be disappointed. I was hoping to see Sen. Paul Simon, but alas he is dead.

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