Road Project to Ease Sousa Bridge JamsThe Post
Bypass to Divert Commuter Traffic
D.C. is going to build a complete interchange between SE Freeway eastbound and the Anacostia Freeway northbound (and vice-versa). This will make it possible to drive from the 14th Street Bridge to the B/W Parkway without having to stop for a traffic light. It cannot be finished too soon.

Of course, there was a better solution — building the Barney Circle Freeway ( –, but it was cancelled due to neighborhood opposition. Since that fell through, there has been a protected left turn at the end of the Sousa Bridge onto the northbound Anacostia Freeway, which is functional, but backs up.

Speaking of the Anacostia Freeway, one of these days I am going to get around to building the “make it all 295” page about the I-295/DC 295/B-W Parkway corridor.

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