Foul Pole Is A Bit Pesky In the Nats’ Close WinThe Post
Braves’ Jordan Has a Homer To Left Ruled Fair, Then Foul: Nationals 3, Braves 2
Who knew that I simple holiday baseball game would have such Shakespearean
overtones? I was at RFK and did not actually see the disputed home run/foul ball off the bat of Brian Jordan since we were sitting on the third base side a few sections from the foul pole. I booed anyway because that is what the crowd was doing and I knew they would not lead me astray. I have never seen that kind of reversal of a call at a ballgame. You can see video of it by going to this article about Jose Vidro returning from the DL around the All-Star break and clicking on “Related Video:
Nationals beat Braves with the help of an overturned home run call.” If this was NFL instant replay, the call on the field would have stood.

Tom Boswell describes how Frank Robinson got the umps to change the call. When he was vice president of on-field operations he worked with the umpires for a few years and learned how they make their decisions. Using that knowledge, he got them to overturn the call.

Other than the homer that wasn’t, the other big news was P Tomo Ohka, who did not give up an earned run in seven innings of work, lowering his ERA to 3.20 while raising his record to 4 – 3. Gary Majewski pitched the 8th to get the hold and Chad Cordero notched his 12th save, even though he gave up a homer to CF Andruw Jones.

In the field, the Nats were pretty bad with two errors, one of which led to a run. 1B Nick Johnson, who went 3 – 4 with two runs scored, saved the Nats from a SS Cristian Guzman throwing error with a great catch and tag off of first base. The baserunning also left a lot to be desired with both Johnson and CF Brad Wilkerson getting thrown out on the basepaths.

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Patterson, Cordero returning from injuries todayThe Wash. Times
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NOTEBOOKGuillen Is Feeling PowerfulThe Post
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