Bloomberg Unveils Plans for the New Yankee StadiumThe Times
After George Steinbrenner thought about the Jersey Meadowlands and the West Side railyards (which nearly became home to the Jets), the Yankees appear to have a new facility lined up. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other dignitaries announced that Yankee Stadium’s successor will be built in the South Bronx. The Yankees will pay for it, but the city and state will chip in for area improvements, including the long-sought MetroNorth train station. There are still some legislative hurdles to get over, but pending any Croppian maneuvers, this appears to be a go.

The Yankees have always been my team; but, admittedly, the Nationals have taken my attention over the last year. My grandfather, who was born and raised on 161st Street and watched Yankee Stadium get built. My mother later worked there when she was employed by the Yankees when they were owned by CBS.

Maryland Bureau Chief Sam Basile is attending the Yankees vs. Pirates series with Brad Stratton this week. Perhaps they will be able to share some insight on the happenings up there.

The new Stadium will be modeled after the original Yankee Stadium, which is appropriate. The playing field dimensions will be the same as the existing Yankee Stadium too. I like the HOK rendering that accompanies the article.

This probably needs to happen, but I cannot say that I am excited about the end of the greatest venue for American sports. So much history happened there, not just in baseball, which makes it hard to say good-bye. Thankfully we have a few years left of baseball’s, if not American sports’, greatest cathedral. The new place won’t be the house that Ruth built.

Official press release: Yankees reveal new stadium

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