Wednesday night:

Erica: Since I have been working so much lately, my boss is giving me Friday off.

William: If I were able to take Friday off, we could go down the shore.

Thursday evening, past quitting time: Say, supervisor, if I finish up a bunch of stuff, can I take tomorrow off?

Supervisor: Okay

William (on telephone): Erica, I got tomorrow off, let’s go to the shore!

Erica: Okay.

And so began an instant road trip to Seven Mile Beach aka Avalon/Stone Harbor, N.J. We left before 8 a.m. Friday and headed up I-95 to the Garden State. It felt good to be headed north up I-95 again.

We arrived around noon on Friday, between low and high tides. I was concerned that we were too long past low tide for good bodysurfing, but I forgot that the surf at Avalon is so good that tides are largely irrelevant. We got in twice, read our books, and took a walk that was over 60 blocks long roundtrip. We also relaxed on the exquisite white sand that puts other beaches to shame.

For dinner, we picked P.J. Ryan’s in Stone Harbor, which was mixed. Our service was slow, but Erica enjoyed her stuffed flounder. I choose the more pedestrian hamburger and fries. They must have been excited about the imminent return of the NHL, because the served me a hockey puck on a roll. The upside was the prices were good.

Naturally, we hit Springer’s Ice Cream after dinner. It was sooooo good.

For lodging, we stayed at the Route 47’s El Dorado Motel on the mainland. We knew by the sign it was a dump, but for $55 a night, we got by. We had been planning on driving all the way to Millville or Vineland, but this was cheaper and closer.

Saturday, we went back to Avalon and had brunch at the Windrift Hotel, which fronts the beach. It was okay.

Following brunch, we hit the beach, read our books and went back in the ocean. It was heaven being out there. Around 1 o’clock, we headed home, stopping by Springer’s on the way out. It rained for half the trip home too, which made our decision to leave much easier.

I put together a small photo gallery of the trip.

Also see last year’s trip DOWN THE SHORE! from July 18, 2004.

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