Nats shutout Rockies

Behind Patterson, Nats End SlideThe Post
P John Patterson pitched well to get the Nats back into the win column. He only gave up only 3 hits and no runs in 8+ innings. The reshuffled Nats lineup, with both Vinny Castilla and Cristian Guzman sitting out (The Wash. Times) produced four runs. Life is good.

I missed the last couple of innings of the game. The Ombudsman called and taunted me, bragging that can watch his team on TV, rather than settle for radio. I taunted him because his team is the Phillies.

Former Nat, P Zach Day pitched aganist his old team and gave up two runs, including a RBI to Preston Wilson.

More from The Wash. Times: New-look Nationals prevail

Guzman Takes His Weak Bat To the BenchThe Post
More on the struggles of Guzman, who is having a sub-Mendoza season.

Schneider Heating Up At the PlateThe Post
C Brian Schneider is on a tear, hitting .367 since June 15 to raise his average to .283. He is a career .252 hitter. Also, Marlon Bryd’s stolen car was found (more from The Wash. Times, scroll down.). In addition, Joey Eischen is pleased with his effort the other day. 1B Nick Johnson is going to try and run today too.

Wilson shines for NationalsThe Denver Post
The mile high take on last night’s game.

Mohr, Helton moved by visit to Walter ReedThe Denver Post
Two Rockies visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center; the same Walter Reed Army Medical Center that BRAC wants to close. Also, Zach Day was debriefed on the strengths and weaknesses of the Nats.

DICK HELLERWith a future so bright, ’05 season won’t matterThe Wash. Times
Heller does not really say why the future is so bright, other than the new owners should have deep pockets and figures the Braves will find a way to win the division anyway.

Giants battle for win – Ellison’s single in 9th puts the chill on BravesSan Francisco Chronicle
The loss to San Francisco puts the Braves 1 1/2 games back of the Nats. Thanks Giants!

JOHN ROLFEDark cloud over WashingtonSports Illustrated
Politics could play major role in Nationals future
A column about threats by Republicans in Congress threatening MLB and D.C. over the Ledecky-Soros bid. It is petty partisanship and nothing more. Check out this contradiction:

Complicating matters is Congressman John Sweeney (R-New York), the vice chairman of the committee that oversees D.C.’s budget, who has said the Nationals can forget about public funds for a new stadium if Soros gets the nod. “From a fan’s perspective, who needs the politics?” Sweeney said.

I agree with the above statement, but obviously, what Sweeney really means is “from my perspective, who needs Soros’ politics?”

Speaking of partisanship, there was an article in the Christian Science Montior yesterday about how the Nats are drawing fans from both sides of the polticial aisle. Chris Needham of Capital Punishment was quoted.

On a lighter note, who knew that Mr. Pocahontas was a sportswriter?

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