Nats lose to ‘stros by 13 runs yet remain tied for first place

Nationals Take a Beating From Clemens, AstrosThe Post
Erica and I went to the Nats game last night with a group of friends. Meeting up turned into an enormus fustercluck due to problems with cell phones. That was the first sign something was amiss. Actually, the first sign was not being able to find Erica’s Nats cap. Anyway, we eventually did meet up, in the 2nd inning and it worked out in that regard. It was great going to the game with my old friend Ryan, whom I have known since the Carter administration and his friend Laura, plus my friend Brenda and her friend, Laura.

The initial confusion made it hard to get into the game — thankfully. What a nightmare! I cannot fathom a team that was winning so much could start losing this often and so badly. Maybe there were too many bandwagon fans at the game, after all, as the uber-fans of the Nats Fan Club know, the johnny-come-lateleys have ruined the karma of RFK. Last night, there must have been 3,000 Boy Scouts there, so I guess the loss is their fault? Or maybe it is the fault of me and my friends, since at least two of them had never been to a Nats game before. I mean, we were late and all, and did not hang on every pitch while filling a scorecard along the way — we are just an affront to the entire sport, aren’t we? I better head over to Ballpark Guys and apologize…

Anyway, I can now say I have seen Roger Clemens pitch. Lots of flashbulbs were going off when he was at bat too.

Here are the photos from last night too. Basically, they include a couple of dorks surrounded by very patient and understanding women. Bless them. Despite the score and confusion, Erica and I had a great night hanging out with Ryan and Brenda and meeting Laura and Laura.

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MICHAEL WILBONMonumental PresenceThe Post
Kornheiser’s better PTI half writes his first column about the Nationals. It turns out Clemens loves Washington.

McLane’s team finally goes to D.C.The Wash. Times
A walk down memory lane — in the mid ’90s, Virginia baseball backer Bill Collins came very close to luring the Astros to the region, but the threat of that was enough to (barely) convince Houston voters to fund a new ballpark.

Skeptical Guillen goes to the tapeThe Wash. Times
RF Jose Guillen measured the distance to centerfield (412 ft instead of the 410 ft advertised) and the foul poles. He did not divulge the foul poles’ distance, though.

NATIONALS NOTEBOOKJohnson Hopes To Return to Team TuesdayThe Post
1B Nick Johnson, who was apparently the glue keeping the team together, is rehabbing in N’awlins this weekend. He could be back on Tuesday. We can only hope.

Clemens lights up RFKThe Wash. Times
More on the Rocket.

Yet despite the outcome, all is not lost:

Fritz : This is normally where I’d ask how the game was, but the final score looked very painful.
wfyurasko: I am finishing the photo gallery from last night. I should have the blog updated within 10 minutes.
wfyurasko: it was a bloodbath!
Fritz : Gotcha.
Fritz : I’ll have to give my folks fair warning of said possibility for tonight’s game.
Fritz : Was it a mass exodus by the 7th inning stretch?
wfyurasko: pretty much.
Fritz : Damn.
Fritz : Man, if this isn’t rock bottom, I don’t know what is. From a loss as humiliating as this, there’s gotta be nowhere to go but up.
wfyurasko: rock bottom in first place.
wfyurasko: there is still plenty of time to go down.
Fritz : Touche!
Fritz : Atlanta I presume is now in first.
wfyurasko: we’re tied.
Fritz : Really?
Fritz : Wow!

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