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Finally! The Nats close out the worst month ever with a win over team teal. ¡LIVAN! returned to form in the stadium he began his career, getting his 13th win on 8 innings (135 pitches) of work. He also helped his own cause by getting a single with the bases loaded. Oddly enough, an intentional walk of Cristian Guzman set up ¡LIVAN!’s RBI. I questioned the Marlins strategy of walking Guzman — it was downright Robisonian. It was wonderful to see it blow up in their faces; no team that intentionally walks Guzman deserves to win.

Speaking of Guzman, he was on fire yesterday! He had two hits and two walks — no outs, raising his average to .186, one point higher than ¡LIVAN!.

So, you be wondering what is up with the photo above. Yesterday morning, I finally got to my (overdue) laundry, which meant my Nats jersey got washed for the first time (ever?) since the debacle on the previous Friday. After a loss, you really need to wash a jersey to get the bad feelings out. I apologize for taking so long.

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NATIONALS NOTEBOOKBowden Turns Down Offers For ProspectsThe Post
GM Jim Bowden did not make any trades at the deadline, but then again, nobody did. Also, Marlon Byrd was sent to AAA New Orleans and did not take it well.

“He had an attitude when he came in, had an attitude in here and he had an attitude when he left,” Robinson said as he sat in his office before the game.

Now, where in the world could he learn that sort of behavior? Oh well, I still like him more than Inning-Endy.

Matt Cepicky came up in Byrd’s place. Most disturbing of all of this, though:

Robinson thinks Cepicky might be more comfortable pinch-hitting than Ryan Church, who appears to be the fourth outfielder now that the plan to rotate four outfielders for three positions has been abandoned. In nine games before the all-star break, Cepicky hit .278 with an RBI.

WHY? WHY?! WHY! What did Ryan Church do to deserve being in the doghouse? I know he is not hitting as well as before he hit the wall in Pittsburgh, but this guy can still play. He must have run over Robinson’s kitten or something.

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Nats strike out on TVThe Wash. Times
We know the story because we have lived it.

Opposite fieldsTimes-Dispatch
Richmond’s paper of record compares the parks in D.C. and Baltimore and concludes Camden Yards is better. Like we care what anyone in Richmond thinks…

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