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Nats’ Win Is a Little BattyThe Post
Another great Srvluga lede:

With what is going on in Philadelphia, in Houston and in Miami, the events at Shea Stadium Wednesday could seem trivial, very much on the fringes of the National League’s playoff chase. But the fact that the Washington Nationals are, realistically, on the outside of the playoff chase doesn’t prevent bizarre events from developing each time they go to the stadium. Every day, it seems, something — be it dramatic or droll, funny or infuriating — happens to the Nationals. Every single day.

Jose Guillen, who puts the RF in RFK, pulled an Andre Dawson and threw everything from the dugout onto the field. I told you he was a Sith.

Wasn’t Guillen’s big tantrum right about this point in the season last year?

On the field, Esteban Loaiza was solid on the mound, going 7 innings and allowing three runs. Vinny “Not Dutch” Castilla rewarded Frank Robinson’s faith in him by homering off Mr. Anna Benson, as did Preston Wilson, on the previous pitch no less. Nick Johnson had a good game too, going 3 for 5 and Chad Cordero got his 46th save to lead the majors.

More from The Wash. Times: Outburst, homers boost Nats

Nationals’ Purchase Agreements DistributedThe Post
Things are heating up in the struggle to acquire an owner, but no word on frontrunners yet.

THOMAS BOSWELLFor Bonds at RFK, All Signs Point to . . . ?The Post
Bos can’t wait for Barry Bonds to get here so that we can boo him. Sounds like fun to me, not too mention a good way to get a lot of fans in the seats. I have my tickets for the 21st.

Robinson awaits word on ejectionThe Wash. Times
Will FRob (which is “borf” spelled backwards, coincidence?) get punished more for his ejection the other night? We shall see.

Carrasco Will Make Another StartThe Post
P Hector Carrasco is excited about starting again. I would suspect that even Robinson would let him stay in the game if he threw six consecutive balls.

They managed to help meThe Wash. Examiner
Jim-bow thanks the managers who have helped him over the years. How many are embarrassed to be on this list I wonder? Also, he writes this about Robinson:

Frank Robinson: Does an exceptional job at changing pitchers. He doesn’t get enough credit for that because it’s difficult to prove or measure.

If by changing pitchers Bowden means taking a young prospect and turning him into a shell of his potential by filling him with self-doubt and angst by pulling him in the middle of an at bat and bashing him in the press, then I am in complete agreement with Bowden.

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