Losses Leave Nats Doubled OverThe Post
The bullpen broke down for the second day in a row. The Nats are 4.5 back with twelve to go. Ouch.

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As Stadium Clock Ticks, D.C. Officials BickerThe Post
Even among stadium backers, there is no consensus on how to design and build the ballpark. Said one MLB official, “The city has no one in charge of the project…find out who speaks for the city on the project — let us know who it is.”

Mayor Tony Williams was (surprise!) out of the country on business for the last two weeks.

‘Tired’ Cordero loses edgeThe Wash. Times
P Chad Cordero has an era of 12.00 this month, along with 3 blown saves. He has already pitched in a career high 72 appearances.

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Calling all Nationals-neighbor wanna-bes: Baseball district developers soughtWashington Business Journal
The Anacostia Waterfront Corporation is accepting proposals for development around the ballpark.

“The ballpark should not be a stand-alone facility that is used only 84 days per year,” the request says. “Integration of the ballpark into the surrounding urban fabric would contribute to an area-wide development strategy.”

In Baseball Now, More Teams Pray Before They PlayThe Post
A long article about the role of faith in the clubhouse, from Sunday’s edition.

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