Last night after another looooong day at work, I stopped by Ballston Common for the Capitals FanFest. Apparently, another 1,000 Caps fans joined me.

Most of the event was autograph signing by the entire team. The longest lines were for the tables with rookie phenom Alexander “don’t call me Kwamme” Ovechekin, also known as “the next Mario Lemieux of 2004;” Potomac native Jeff Halpren; and of course, Olie Kolzig.

The big announcement that was teased on the Caps Web site was the coronation of Halpren as captain. This was expected because it just made so much sense — he’s the only one worthy and the local boy makes good is always a good PR for the Caps, who desperately need it. I am happy for Halpren, he earned it and malcontent Brendan Witt did not.

Some other observations:

  • Calle Johansson’s #6 is not apparently not worthy of being put up in the rafters of MCI Center. I forgot who was assigned it. Overall, I recognized about three guys on the team. Jason Doig is gone, but I don’t know where.
  • The squad wore the white sweaters to the event. It reminded me that those are decent looking uniforms, as oppossed to the all black they wear at home. I wish the NHL would switch back to white at home. Even more so, I hope the Caps switch back to red, white, and blue uniforms. They can keep the existing logos or some variation of them, but dump the black and copper.
  • Opening night is 11 days away. Erica and I will be there.

    More from The Post: Halpern Joins Heroes as Caps’ Captain & The Wash. Times: Caps make Halpern their captain

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