September 29 is known as St. Michael’s Day, patron of grocers and bakers. (Also called Goose Day in some locations) – “If you eat goose on Michaelmas Day, you will never want money all the year round.”

One reason for this belief is that Michaelmas (Archangel Michael’s feast day) was traditionally one of the English “Quarter Days”, when people would settle their rents and accounts. The settling of accounts was often done with a brace of plump geese from the spring hatching.

Therefore, if you could afford to eat goose on this day (probably after paying rent with some of your fowl), you would probably not want for money in the coming year.

When I was growing up in Central Pennsylvania, my family celebrated Goose Day every year. On this day, most of the restaurants in Mifflin County served roast goose for dinner. Snyder County also participated; I’m not sure if Juniata County celebrated or not.

It is certainly a fun tradition.

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