Nationals trade Stanton to Red SoxThe Wash. Times
The Red Sox sent two minor leaguers to the Nationals for three days. Mike Stanton’s service; he is a free agent after the playoffs, which he is not eligible to participate in.

Since Stanton is a former Yankee, there is finally a reason to pay attention to the Yankees-Red Sox series.

Nats’ Leaders Stay the CourseThe Post & No certainty for manager, GMThe Wash. Times
The ownership situation has Tony Tavares, Jim Bowden, and Frank Robinson wondering about their future.

I expect Robinson to be retained, but Tavares to leave. I fear Bowden will stay though.

NATIONALS NOTEBOOKHernandez Has No Plans to End His Season EarlyThe Post
¡LIVAN! leads the league in pitches thrown and will probably be tied for starts. If he goes 7 or 8 innings, he will probably lead the league in innings too.

Also, Brad Wilkerson had an off year, but is still going to have less strikeouts than last season. Hopefully, he can recover in the offseason and come back healthy. I do not want to see him traded; I would hate for him to have to find a new bank.

Nats Ownership Might Be CorporateThe Post
Jeff Smulyan may invest some Emmis Broadcasting cash into the Nats if he buys them. Of course, he may be using the Nats as a front to buy the Reds (Capitol Punishment). Count me as someone who wants to believe that is true.

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