Nats’ Sale Could Be Delayed by White Sox’ WinsThe Post
The official reason for this is that the ChiSox are in the playoffs and owner Jerry Reinsdorf cannot be bothered with working on the Nats. With this in mind, I predict the White Sox will go the distance and take the World Series to seven games. It is a LOCK.

Hernandez’s knee surgery is a successThe Wash. Times
Yea, ¬°LIVAN! should be back by spring training, but who will he play for then? Remember when he had a ¬°DIVAn! episode and said it would all come out in the offseason? I wonder if we are still going to get that explanation.

Also, MASN beat Comcast in court again.

Landowners must yield to ballparkThe Wash. Times
Eminent domain has begun in the ballpark footprint. Those landowners who did not sell may be wishing they had when they see what the District gives them. Hopefully, it will all be fair.

Also, this is why the District’s threat to stop building the ballpark without a local owner awarded the team is probably not taken seriously by MLB. That being said, I am sure we will see some histrionics from both sides before it is all over.

Ehrlich Says He Knew About Lawyer’s Hiring for Baseball MatterThe Post
Remember those shady dealings by the state of Maryland and Peter Angelo$ to sue MLB, the Nats, everyone to stop deny millions of their constitiuents (and others in the D.C. area) a local MLB team? Gov. Robert Erlich was right in the middle of it.

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