New Jersey Route 55Route 55: Will it ever be completed? Road extension could ease traffic, allow evacuationsThe (Vineland, N.J.) Daily Journal
The Gulf Coast hurricanes have people wondering how they would evacuate the lower Jersey Shore in a similar situation.

Perhaps this will be a catalyst for actually building this needed road, which has been held up by environmental concerns for over forty years. These concerns are valid, but ultimately, the highway should not be the big concern, since there will be environmental remediation.

The big issue is whether the local elected leaders will enact zoning that protects the environment around the highway, instead of granting easements to build a Wal-Fart at every interchange. In the end, highways do not create sprawl, weak-willed politicans do when they cave into the big boxes and developers.

We take this highway to the Avalon/Stone Harbor every year and I agree that it makes sense to build it. Hopefully it will get built with limited connections between Port Elizabeth and the Garden State Parkway.

EDITORIALA way must be found to extend Rt. 55 to ShoreThe (Vineland, N.J.) Daily Journal

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