Fear of disaster holds up stadiumThe Wash. Times
Well, this is interesting:

MLB has asked the city to soften its demand for a guaranteed annual lease payment, in part because it wants the ability to pay less rent or eliminate it in cases in which outside events — such as catastrophic weather or terrorism — would force the Nationals to play in another stadium.

I did not see this one coming. I would expect a lot of denials from either side that this is a sticking point. I am really beginning to wonder if MLB wants the Washington Nationals to exist.

I propose a solution to this continuous foot-dragging at every step of the way — we rename the team. How about the…


Contract Extension in the Works For Nationals’ General ManagerThe Post
It looks like shopping himself around is helping Jim Bowden’s cause to stay GM of the Nats. He is expected to sign a one year deal soon.

Also, Tony Tavares is looking at ticket pricing and ways to prevent scalping.

Nats Host Fundraising GameThe Post
This just in — members of Congress and lobbyists like going to sporting events together. They also prefer skyboxes to regular seating.

D.C. Seizes 16 Owners’ Property for StadiumThe Post
Eminent domain for the ballpark footprint is underway.

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