Four More Nationals Elect to Become Free AgentsThe Post
Four free agents filed yesterday: P Esteban Loaiza (sign him now!), P Tony Armas Jr. (do not return any of his calls), IF Carlos Baerga (send him a gold watch), OF Preston Wilson (send him a really large glove), P Joey Eischen (sign him too), and Deivi Cruz (uhhhhhhhh).

Potential Owner Vows to Never Move Nationals AP/WTOP
Jeff Smulyan explains that his local investors (to the tune of $100 million) could veto any move out of D.C. Charles “Hungry” Mann, one of several former Redskins in the Smulyan bid added:

Why are people getting on that tangent? I don’t understand that. People threaten to move if you don’t build them a new stadium. Well, guess what? The stadium’s being built. So let’s just stop with that. That’s a smoke screen by somebody that doesn’t make any sense.

Mann makes a good point, but how many people are worried about Smulyan moving the team? My worries are more along the line of “if Jeff Smulyan wants to do for Washington what he did for Seattle” or some other political cliche.

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